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How to add testimonials to Typedream

How to add your testimonials to Typedream website.

Can I…

Upload testimonials to Typedream as images?
Add widgets to Typedream using the Senja code snippet?
Add testimonials to Tyedream with an app integration?

You want to embed your awesome testimonial widget into Typedream. Here’s how.



Go to

1. Click on Studio…

2. Picket a widget to start

3. Name your widget

4. Click on Create widget

5. Click on Share

6. Click on the copy icon

Go to Typedream

7. Type /embed in your page

8. Click on Embed

9. Click on Embed (HTML, Videos, Forms, Sites...)

10. Click on Code

11. Paste your Senja code and click on Insert Code

12. Click on Publish

13. Click on Publish

14. Click on your domain


Preview your Senja widget on your Typedream website.

That’s it, your testimonial widget is now looking amazing in Typedream 🥳 Not working? Just click Contact Us below and we’ll assist you.
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