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Share or post your testimonials on LinkedIn

How to add your testimonials to LinkedIn.

How to share your testimonial on LinkedIn

This guide will show you how to share a customer testimonial as an image on your LinkedIn profile. This requires the use of the free Senja Testimonial Chrome Extension.

Creation Date: January 11, 2024

Created By: Oliver Meakings

On your LinkedIn feed

1. Click on Start a post

2. Click on the Senja logo

This will appear if you have the Chrome Extension installed

3. Select the testimonial you want to share

You can search for a keyword, customer name or email. Click the image icon

4. Select the image template you want to use

The template will be updated with the testimonial and copied

5. Close the extension

Click the X

6. Paste element by pressing CMD+V

This will paste the image into your status

7. Click on Post

Add your text and click on Post to share your testimonial image

8. Your testimonial is shared

You will now see it in the feed

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