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Add testimonials to your emails

How to embed testimonials in your emails.

Add testimonials to your emails

You want to add social proof to your emails. Senja makes it easy.


Note: you cannot embed Senja’s testimonial widgets into your emails, so we will use images instead.


Add testimonial images to emails

To do this, you need Senja's free Chrome Extension. View our free testimonial templates.

Creation Date: March 5, 2024


1. Load your email marketing or outbound sales tool

Whatever your email marketing or sales tool, load the email you want to add proof too. Here we are using Convertkit.

2. Load the Senja extension

You can load the Senja extension clicking the purple heart icon. Alternatively, click it in your browser.

3. Search for the testimonial you want to add

Use the search field and click enter

4. Here's your results

Our search has returned these testimonials

5. Click on the create image icon for the testimonial you want

Senja's going to turn your testimonial into an image

6. Select an image template

Select the testimonial image template you'd like to add to the email

7. Select where you want to add the image

We just copied your image, so now decide where you want to paste it. Then right-click and paste or click CMD+V

8. Your testimonial image is in your email!

And now you have the social proof you need to sell more! Finish your email, and click send.

Note: We have made some image templates that look amazing in your emails. You can see them by clicking the email icon here. This will filter to images that look good in emails.

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