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Import testimonials from Product Hunt

How to import testimonials from Product Hunt.

You want to import testimonials from Product Hunt.

Can I…

Pull in a product review from Product Hunt?
Pull in discussion from my launch page(s)?
Note: the below guide shows you how to pull in your product reviews. To pull in launch comments, simply paste the link to your launch instead.


Go to

1. Click on Import Testimonials

2. Click on Product Hunt

3. Paste your Product Hunt product URL

This is your product URL NOT your launch URL

4. Click on Search for testimonials

5. Select the testimonial(s) you want to import

6. [Optional] Click on Add a tag

7. [Optional] Type a tag

And hit enter

8. Click on Import 1 testimonial

9. It's in! Select your most recent testimonial on Import History

10. You can see the testimonial in your Senja account

11. Copy and paste the link to see your testimonial

Or turn it into an image, video or widget

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