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Import testimonials from Capterra

How to import testimonials from Capterra.

You want to import testimonials from Capterra.

Can I…

Pull in all my Capterra reviews?
Pull in a single review from Capterra?
Yes, by selecting during import
Autosync my testimonials from Capterra?


Go to

1. Click on Import Testimonials

2. Click on Capterra

3. Paste your Capterra page URL

4. Click on Search for testimonials

5. Click on the testimonials you want to import

At this stage you can also toggle on auto-sync. This will automatically pull in future testimonials.

6. Click on Import testimonials

7. It's imported!

Click on it so we can see the full testimonial in Senja

8. Click on Copy link to testimonial

Or instead create an image, animated video, or embed on your website

9. Here's your testimonial

Looking smart! Share the link to it everywhere.

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