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Do you have an agency plan?

Can my agency resell Senja?

Senja’s agency re-seller plan

With Senja’s agency plan, you can use Senja to collect, manage and share testimonials on behalf of your clients. You can then charge your clients for this service, or include it in your existing management packages as a differentiator.

Why offer Senja to your clients?

  • Help your clients’ websites drive more sign ups or leads with social proof
  • Make it easy for anyone on your team to update the social proof without technical expertise
  • Help clients build trust and stand out
  • Give your client marketing assets they can share
  • Re-sell at a price you think is fair, or bundle with your existing retained offer

Things to know

  • Your clients will have access to Senja’s Pro plan, usually billed at $39/month
  • End-user billing is managed directly with your clients
  • You can charge whatever you think is fair for access to the tool
  • You can charge whatever you think is fair for testimonial management services
  • Each client should have their own project, and you can access them all from one login
  • It is up to you if you would like to invite your client to the project or not


We charge agencies $399/month for 50 projects.

If you’re an agency please contact to get setup.

Smaller agency?

We recommend referring customers using the Senja affiliate scheme Does Senja have an affiliate program?

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