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How to collect testimonials with Teachable

How to collect testimonials in your Teachable course.

Collect testimonials in Teachable

Can I…

Collect course testimonials
Embed my collection form as a course lesson in Teachable?
Yes, read this guide
Share course testimonials
Add a testimonial widget to my Teachable website or course lesson with the code snippet?
Yes, share testimonials in Teachable
Upload testimonials to my Teachable website and course lesson as images?
Add testimonials to my Teachable website and course lesson with an app integration?

Here’s a video showing it in action:

Note: In this video we embed the testimonial form code from Senja. To create a testimonial form with Senja, please continue reading. The code for your form is available inside the Senja app or with the Chrome Extension.

Collect testimonials inside Teachable

1. Click on Forms

2. Click on the form you want to embed

3. Click on Inline

4. Click on the copy icon


Go to your Teachable account

5. Click on Courses

6. Click on your course

7. Click on Add curriculum

8. Click on New lesson

9. Name the lesson "Please leave a testimonial"

10. Click on Save

11. Click on the lesson name

12. Click on Add Content

13. Click on Custom code

14. Paste your Senja code into the form area

15. Click on Save

16. Click on Publish

17. Click on Preview

18. Your testimonial form is now embedded in Teachable

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