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How to add testimonials to Patreon

How to add your testimonials to Patreon.

Can I…

Upload testimonials to Gumroad as images?
Add widgets to Gumroad using the Senja code snippet?
No, Gumroad does not support custom code
Add testimonials to Gumroad with an app integration?

You want to embed your add testimonials to your Gumroad product page. Senja makes it easy

Add your Senja testimonials to your Gumroad product page

Note: Gumroad does not allow you to embed code in your product page.


Instead of embedding testimonials with code, we are going to create and upload an image of your testimonials to your Gumroad page.


We’ve created a template that’s the perfect image size and format for your Gumroad page.

Add testimonials to Gumroad


How to add your testimonial image to Gumroad

  • Navigate to the testimonial Studio
  • Create a new image
  • Select between 1 and 3 testimonials to add to your image
  • Hit resize top right
  • Resize for Gumroad
  • Export the image
  • Upload the image to your Gumroad product page
That’s it, your testimonial image is now in Gumroad 🥳 Not working? Just click Contact Us below and we’ll assist you.

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