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How to add testimonials to LearnDash

How to add testimonials to your LearnDash course.

You want to embed your awesome testimonial widget into your LearnDash page. Here’s how.

Add your Senja testimonials to LearnDash

Can I…

Collect course testimonials
Embed my collection form as a course module in LearnDash?
Share course testimonials
Add a testimonial widget to my LearnDash website or course lesson with the code snippet?
Upload testimonials to my LearnDash website and course lesson as images?
Add testimonials to my LearnDash website and course lesson with an app integration?
Yes, instructions below

Create and share your widget

How to create a new testimonial widget, copy the share code, and add it to your landing page tool.


1. Click on Studio

2. Select a widget style under Widgets

Pick the testimonial widget style you want to create. You can always change it later.

3. Name your widget

Here we've called it Best testimonials

4. Select where you want to embed the widget

This will help you find it later

5. Click on Create widget

Let's start creating the widget

6. Decide what testimonials you want to add

You can set rules so that any new approved testimonials are automatically added to the widget, or curate. Here, we selected curate as we will manually select the testimonials to add to the widget.

7. Click on Continue

8. Start selecting your testimonials

Here's the first one. Select as many as you want to display

9. Click on Save Selection

Once you're happy with the selection, click on Save Selection

10. Click on Design

Here's your widget. Let's update its design

ℹ️ There are lots of design settings and they vary by widget. Make your design changes here until you are happy with your widget.

11. Click on Share

Happy with the design changes? Now it's time to share the widget. Click on Share

12. Click on the copy icon

This will copy the widget code for use on any landing page tool

13. Click on Done

The code is copied and we’re read to navigate to our landing page tool

Want a faster way to copy your widget code? Use Senja’s Chrome Extension ✨

Senja’s free Chrome Extension allows you to copy your widget code and form URLs, and see all your latest testimonials, all without leaving the page you’re on. Download it free here

In Senja

From the widget maker, click the Embed button at the top right:

Notion image

Click the URL tab and copy the URL:

Notion image

You’re done in Senja. Switch to your LearnDash account.

That’s it, your testimonial widget is now looking amazing in Notion 🥳 Not working? Just click Contact Us below and we’ll assist you.

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