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Add testimonials to ClickFunnels

How to add your testimonials to your ClickFunnels website.

You want to embed your awesome testimonial widget into Wordpress’s website tool. Depending on what type of Wordpress account you have, the instructions vary. These are the three types of Wordpress installation.

  • self hosting / hosted by a service other than Wordpress

Add your Senja testimonials to your self-hosted Wordpress

In Senja

From the widget maker, click the Embed button at the top right:

Notion image

Now copy the widget code:

Notion image

You’re done in Senja. Switch to Wordpress.


In Wordpress

Go to the Wordpress page where you want to add your testimonial widget.

  • Type /embed
  • Select the Code tab
  • Copy and paste the code from your Senja account
  • Hit enter to save
That’s it, your testimonial widget is now looking amazing in Wordpress 🥳 Not working? Just click Contact Us below and we’ll assist you.
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