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How to add testimonials to Podia

How to add your testimonials to your Podia.

Can I…

Embed my collection form as a course module on Podia?
Link to my testimonial collection form in a course module on Podia
Add testimonial widgets to my Podia website with the code snippet?
Upload testimonials to my Podia website as images?
Add testimonials to my Podia website with an app integration?

You want to embed your awesome testimonials on your Podia landing page.

Add your Senja testimonials to Podia


Note: Podia does not allow you to add custom code into their website builder.


Instead you will need to turn your widget into an image or use our Senja’s studio to make an image. Here’s how:

In Senja


In Podia

Go to the Podia page where you want to add your testimonial image.

That’s it, your testimonials are now looking amazing in Podia 🥳 Not working? Just click Contact Us below and we’ll help you.
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