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How do I get started with Senja?

VIDEO: introducing Senja.

How do I sign up to Senja?

How to sign up for a free Senja account.

What is importing testimonials?

How Senja can help you import testimonials

How do I collect testimonials?

How to collect testimonials.

How do I manage testimonials?

How to manage testimonials.

How do I share my testimonials?

How to share testimonials.

How do I remove Senja branding?

How to remove Made with Senja branding from your widgets and forms.

How do I add my team members?

Understanding seats in Senja: how to add your team members.

Is Senja available in my language?

Does Senja work in multiple languages?

How do custom domains work?

Using a custom subdomain for your form and Wall of Love

Will my widget slow down my website?

You want to know if your widget will slow down your website?

How do I upgrade to a higher plan or change plan?

How do I upgrade to a higher plan

How do I cancel my paid plan?

How do I cancel my plan?

How do I change / reset my password?

How do I reset my password?

Can I get an invoice for my payments?

How to request an invoice.

Does Senja offer discounts?

About Senja discounts

Do you offer a discount for non profits / charities?

Do you offer a discount for non profits?

Do you offer a discount for students?

Do you offer a discount for students?

How do I delete my account?

Find out how to delete your account.

How do I change my email address?

Find out how to change your email address.

How do I turn off notification emails?

Turn off new testimonial notifications.

What types of testimonials can I collect?

What you can collect with Senja.

Does Senja have an app?

A Senja app.