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What is importing testimonials?

All the places you can import testimonials from.

Senja makes it easy to import testimonials from different places from across the web. Finally, all your business testimonials in once place for you (and your team) to manage and share.


See the places you can import testimonials: Where can I import testimonials from?


Here’s a quick summary of importing testimonials:


Go to

1. Click on Import Testimonials

2. Click on the platform you want to import from: Reddit

3. Click on Facebook

4. Click on Shopify

5. Click on CSV


In most cases, to import testimonials you will need to paste the link to the testimonial into Senja and we’ll grab it for you.


We also have testimonial autosync: What is testimonial import autosync?




If you need help importing testimonials please contact us and we can support you free of charge: How do I contact Senja support?

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