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How do I remove Senja branding?

How to remove Senja branding from your widgets and forms.

You need a paid account

Users of Senja on a Starter, Pro or Team plan can remove Senja branding from their widgets, forms and videos. If you are on the Free plan click here to upgrade.



  • When you upgrade to a Team, Pro or Team plan, all new widgets you create will come without Senja branding.
  • Senja branding on your Wall of Love is automatically removed
  • Senja branding on your form is automatically removed
  • Senja branding on your videos is automatically removed

To remove branding from your existing widgets you’ll need to follow these simple steps.

Remove Senja branding

Navigate to your widget

  • Click Saved on the menu, or visit this link.
  • Pick the widget you want to remove the Senja branding from.

Toggle off attribution

  • Navigate to the widget’s settings
  • Toggle attribution off or on under Show Senja Attribution

That’s it, your widget no longer has Senja branding 💜

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