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How do custom domains work?

Using a custom subdomain for your form and Wall of Love

Can I add a custom domain (URL)?

Yes. It is possible to use your own URL (subdomain + domain) with Senja. The subdomain format is


Subdomains work for your form URLs, Wall of Love links, and links to individual testimonials.

Please note

Custom domain are available on on paid plans. See pricing here.

How do custom domains work?

Here’s an example of a form, Wall of Love and testimonial with and without a custom domain.

Form URL
Wall of Love URL
Testimonial link

How to add a custom domain

Upgrade to a paid plan

If you’re not already part of a paid Senja account you will need to upgrade.

Navigate to Custom Domain on the Senja menu

First, go to the Custom Domain option on the Senja menu. Like this:

Notion image

Enter your subdomain

Type the subdomain you want to use into the field and click the Save button.

Add your DNS records

  • Add the DNS records we provide to your domain provider.
  • You can see where these details load below.

This image is an example, please use the details in your Senja account.

Notion image
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