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Add testimonials to your website

How to add your testimonials to your website.

You want to embed your awesome testimonial widget into Wordpress’s website builder. Depending on where WordPress is installed, your theme, and your page builder, the instructions vary.


This guide covers adding testimonials to a page using the Gutenberg Editor in


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Add Testimonials to a page using the Gutenberg Editor in


The default Gutenberg Custom HTML block doesn’t support custom Javascript embedding by default.

However, you can easily accomplish by extending it’s functionality using the Custom HTML Block Extension.

From the widget maker, click the share button at the top right:

Notion image

Now copy the widget code:

Notion image

You’re done in Senja. Now move over to your Wordpress site!

Click on the Plugins tab, and search for the “Custom HTML Block Extension

Install and activate it.

Notion image

Click on Pages in the WordPress dashboard

Notion image

Select the page you want to embed your testimonials on.

Notion image

Type / and select custom html (You’ll notice that it now has a lightning icon)

Notion image

Paste the Senja embed code, then click the publish button.

Notion image
Notion image
That’s it, your testimonial widget is now looking amazing in 🥳
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