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How do I remove Senja branding?

How to remove Senja branding from your embeds and forms.

Users of Senja on a Pro or Business plan can remove Senja branding from their embeds. If you are on the Free plan click here to upgrade.

Note: when you upgrade to a Pro or Business plan, all new embeds you create will come without Senja branding. However to remove branding from existing embeds you’ll need to follow these simple steps.


Remove Senja branding


Navigate to your Embed

  • Click Embeds on the menu, or visit this link.
  • Pick the embed you want to remove the Senja branding from.

Toggle off attribution

  • Navigate to the embed’s settings
  • Toggle attribution off or on under Show Senja Attribution

That’s it, your embed no longer has Senja branding 💜

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