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Testimonial automation with Zapier

Understand testimonial automation with Zapier.

You can use our Zapier integration to automate your testimonial collection, management, sharing and notifications.


Testimonial automation is part of Senja’s Pro plan.

Senja trigger events

  • (when this happens in Senja)
  • Testimonial collected (fires when you collect a testimonial)
  • Testimonial approved (first when you approve a collected testimonial)

Senja action events

  • (do this in Senja)
  • Create testimonial image
  • Find a testimonial
  • Import testimonial
  • Send a testimonial request

Testimonial automations with Zapier

You can use Senja as both a trigger and an action step in Zapier, like this:

Creation Date: February 15, 2024

Created By: Oliver Meakings

# Senja

1. Click on Automate

2. Click on Connect to Zapier

The big orange button will connect Senja to Zapier

# Zapier

3. Click on Connect Senja to 6,000+ apps

You will see this if you are logged in. If you are not logged into Zapier, either login or sign up for a free Zapier account.

4. Senja is now created as a trigger

Click on App & Event to choose the Senja trigger event

5. Select Choose an event

6. Pick a Senja event as a trigger

Your options are testimonial collected and testimonial approved. Now add your follow-up steps by clicking the + button

7. Alternatively, you can use Senja as an action step

Click the + button

8. Click on Add a step

9. Type "senja"

10. Click on Senja…

Important, select Senja with the Latest badge

11. Select choose an event

12. Select a step

Your action step options are create testimonial image, find a testimonial, import testimonial, or send a testimonial request

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